And, Brave Puffin is on its way, attempting to finish The Microtransat Challengee 2020! With lots of good wishes…

The boat is resting before the long journey

We launched it from Marconi Beach on Cape Cod around 2:40 pm Eastern time, in a bit of a surf.

Launching Brave Puffin in the surf

The boat is programmed to reach its target point (51ºN 16ºW) on the finish line, which will take a few months and 2,500 km if all goes well.

That’s not all: as a stretch goal, Brave Puffin will then automatically turn back to come home, crossing the ocean again. If successful, the full roundtrip will require it to travel well over 5,000 km, and will take many months.

Brave Puffin 2020 route

Stay tuned for updates on Brave Puffin’s progress, and the details of its design and the build. Please get in touch if you have questions you’d like to see answered in the upcoming updates.